Our Time

Tonight I am heading to Royal’s stadium to enjoy T-shirt Tuesday. A brilliant way to draw folks into the stadium, since… well… you know… my little girls are the only ones surprised when the Royals lose.

And tonight amplifies that reality since the shirts carry the “Our Time” logo. The advertising brilliance that was supposed to herald in the new era. The endless youth and rebuilding movements finally paying off. Yet, after losing the first ten home games (part of a twelve game losing streak), “Your Time” would have been a more apt phrase. Gracious, that could have been the slogan for the last decade.

Which draws out the point. Advertising says nothing about reality. Words and images brought creatively together may get us excited. But the advertisement is imaginary until life makes it real.

Ponder the middle schooler drenched in Axe body spray awaiting the mob of ladies…

So it is with my messages. In part I speak a truth of the past, but I am also saying something for today. Yet my words are just an advertisement of life today. A truth? A lie? No one can know until our lives prove it to be real.

This is our time to Start – as I said on Sunday – to go out and prove the gospel true.

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