My Ninja

Ivy: “Mom, when I am 7 can I take karate?”
Meg: “Don’t you want to take soccer or dance?”
Ivy: “You know I really want to be a spy. And Flynn McMissile knows karate…”

When Meg told me this I was sitting eating lunch. It was a gourmet meal of leftover frozen pizza. And I was searching the internet for the best deal on a vacuum cleaner.** Staring at Hoovers, Kenmores, Dirt Devils… In that moment my dream was affording a Dyson over a Dirt Devil. Imagining how to justify the expense in our Dave Ramsey finance class.

A stark contrast to Ivy’s epic dreams… Yet our dreams change as we get older. In part because reality reveals that the spy world is dangerous and deadly – not the debonair images of Hollywood. We realize become President would be stressful. Not to mention we would need to abandone our family – and becoming a good parent and loving husband (or wife) is a more important dream. [There is a great article in the Atlantic, Why Women Still Can’t Have it All, and neither can men… unfortunately it is more acceptable for men to be poor husbands and fathers!]

Which brings me back to vacuum cleaners. I am not sucked into a world of spy dreams or the reality of corporate ladders (or church ladders in my case), but I can get swept up in the mundane. And in this –  busy doing the silly requirements of life: yard work and bills and purchases and – I can miss the chance to fulfill my dreams. Miss the opportunity to love my wife and kids as Christ loves the church.

** Our Vacuum cleaner – you may remember – broke and rather than locking upright would fall over. So I took it apart to fix this problem (this is when I glued my fingers together…). While taking it apart I took out the old bag – which was nearly full. Unfortunately after repairing the clip so it would stand I forgot to replace the bag. So we vacuumed the house without the bag until we noticed the lack of suction… After again taking everything apart and cleaning out the dust clumps – the vacuum worked. BUT it now makes a loud screeching sound. So loud I got out my orange noise reduction ear muffs – that I normally use with lawn equipment – and vacuumed the house… 

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