Double You

Yesterday I spilled coffee on my keyboard. Thankfully not my laptop’s keyboard – I attach a full keyboard – and this keyboard lay directly in the splash zone. I flipped it over and let the coffee run out. Then tissue dried the keys. Last I turned on my desk fan for a final dry. Amazingly it started typing just fine until I tried to email a question.  It seems one letter is required for every question. “ho, hat, here, hen, hy, and ho” just aren’t the same if “double-you” is missing…

This afternoon I got a call from Ivy’s Elementary. She had a fever. So I picked her up and brought her home to a house full of sick girls. In this moment – my office responsibilities calling, literally, and everything at home – if only I could double me… or better yet double Meg – she is much more productive…

Multiplicity and the Double-mint commercials aside – I am just me. And society is a mess. Take our rebuilding project from Saturday. A great moment for the community to join together and serve those less fortunate. Yet, I am not sure the group brought permanent change. Sure the replaced beams – taking the place of rotting boards – and flooring is definitely going to help the heat bill. But did this bring real life change to the family living in the trailer house?

The job is too big. I am too small.

There is a part of me that desires to run (to take  JetBlue’s Election Protection 2012**).  This may explain some Christians’ focus on the end times – on heaven. Reality has no hope.

But as I ponder this, maybe my focus is off. I do not need to double myself. Instead I need to trust that God can double Himself. So I go out and serve and teach in the hope that He goes before me. To change the key from me to Him… everything becomes possible.

After-all it is easy to type “w” using the right keyboard.***

** JetBlue has a contest that is decided after the election. If your candidate lost – you vote beforehand – then you have a “chance to earn a free flight out of the country.” For me and Meg our best bet is to enter both directions and hope to be flying out to the Bahamas…

*** I used my laptop to type the blog – with a working “w” key. This created a challenge to avoid the letter until the last sentence. Especially as I type out of habit. I had Meg read over the blog and asked her to check for “w” use… yep, she found one in the SECOND sentence!! 

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