Darcy is OneToday is Darcy’s birthday. Age one seems like a seismic marker – a move out of babyhood. Of course people tell us that adulthood comes in a blink – but I am always surprised how the time flies. I see the signs passing. Darcy not only woofs at dogs, but now knows to bah at sheep (she also bahs at cows, though camels woof!). She can say “bye” while waving. She picks up the phone to her ear and says something that sounds like hello. All the while she still calls me “mama”. She did say “dada” the other day, but it was directed at something on the counter. All the other girls first word may be Darcy’s tenth…

I spoke on the phone with Marlene after her chemo treatment (she is a long-time fixture in our church nursery). I told her the above news, and she asked if I pick her up and get her what she needs straight away. Of course, I am a sucker for all of my girls – so I pick Darcy up when she reaches. But Marlene announced that was my problem. “She is a girl after-all. You need to play hard to get.”

But I am pretty sure she is more prepared than I am, because I will pick her up when the crying begins! Plus, really, how long is she going to want me to pick her up… so why waste a moment. Even if she has no idea what to call me!

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