Counter Tops

Before the storm, Phoebe and I joined the masses in a last minute trip to the store. I was paying at the check out when I looked down to see Phoebe eating the counter. There was a wet trail where she had run her mouth. Horrified, I pulled her back and asked her to please not eat the counter. Then I used her stocking cap to wipe it down…

All the snow this last week has left me sore. And after shoveling the driveway, I was not excited to go back out into the cold to play with the girls ( “gold star dad” award, I know). But instead of kids ready to play I found Phoebe sick on the couch. Megan asked why we can not keep her well, so I recounted the story from our trip to the store.

There is so much to learn as we grow. From walking to talking to “don’t lick the counters at the hardware store”. I would like to say, as her dad, that I am ready to teach her. But there is much for me to still learn.

As friends on Facebook know, last week I finished Phoebe’s banana bread slice from breakfast. When Megan came down she looked at me, then at the plate, “I meant to tell you not to eat that, Phoebe licked off all the butter.”

Maybe Megan can teach us both.

3 thoughts on “Counter Tops

  1. Well for what it’s worth I believe we all need a base line of germs to keep us ultimately healthy…..she may have just gone a little over the base line with the counter top experience šŸ™‚

  2. Ohhhhh Sean! This made me laugh! “Don’t eat the counters, dear.” That sounds like something I would have said at some point in the past 24 years.

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