Gear Shift

Gear ShiftLife is about comparisons. Haiti is a different reality than the United States. Car and truck horns blare as they pass you. Cutting things dangerously close with on-coming traffic and every vehicle is piled high with people. Many passengers just holding onto the back. So riding around in a truck bed becomes no big deal. No hot water. The power shuts off. The truck doesn’t have a battery and must be push started every morning. The airport has buckets to collect water dripping from the ceiling… Not a problem.

So on the way to the airport our van’s gears ground with every shift. First… grunchhhh… Second… grunchhh… third… and the gear shift pulls out of the linkage into the air. I wish I had a picture of our shocked driver, but I only have a picture of the repairs.

Gear Shift OutOur Driver used a screw driver to shift the transmission back into neutral. Then reinserted the gear shift… grunchhh… we were off. The shifter only popped out again when we reached the airport.

I am excited about this Sunday. During morning worship the team from Haiti is going to report on many different aspects about Haiti: history, the people, the rubble house… we will try to paint a picture of our experience. More importantly we will talk about how God used us to bless Haiti and how He used Haiti to bless us. It will be a great service and we will have Sunday lunch to follow. It would be authentic Haitian, but while I got used to driving in Haiti – my stomach never did. So we will keep it KC Authentic – ribs. Hope you can join us!

2 thoughts on “Gear Shift

    1. Hey Andy! It was great to see you on the trip – it made for good flashback! Really it was nice to catch up in person. I have enjoyed your posts at floodzone, you do a good job of capturing the whole trip – to prepare folks who may want to go.

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