Today is Earth Day. There is a part of me pulling for a little global warming. Nothing drastic. But as someone who freezes in the winter and rarely minds the summer, a few degrees increase would be nice. Unfortunately global warming is not just about temperature increasing, but increasing weather patterns. More extreme drought, worse storms. And if there is anything I hate more than cold, it is a cold blizzard.

Wading into this topic will always produce someone who wants to argue if Global Warming is man made. Or if it is even happening. And many of these arguments root right here in the Christian community. Which seems strange, because before God told us not to eat of the fruit in the Garden, He asked us to “take care of” His creation (Genesis 2:15, 16 is the command not to eat). So our earliest command is to care for God’s creation.

This is not to say we should agree with all environmentalists. But instead of arguing Christians should be leading the conversation. We should discover and reveal the truth of Creation Care directly from the Creator. Because we are the ones who know the Creator.

Under the reign of God, in His Kingdom, this world is sustainable. At all levels. Poverty will cease – as we learn to share. Violence will end – as we learn to put others first. And even Creation will heal. When we “take care of” creation, we will no longer horde. Instead we will use what we need. And we will find the world is built to provide for our needs. I think this Denver park bench says it best:


God has given us a place to sit. Must we also demand a place to recline, forcing others and the world to go without? What practices are in your life to make a better creation? There are a thousand things you can do. Acts that not only help creation, but will ease your addictions. For instance, buy less stuff (or buy used). Eat less stuff. Recycle. Or go to the extreme and put in solar panels. The options are endless. Here are a couple ideas we practice in my house:

  • Garden – it is awesome to grow your own food. And the taste of fresh is incomparable. (We also compost all our Kitchen waste.) If not a garden, plant a tree.
  • Hold out to turn on your AC. (This is easier for me than when hold out to turn on the heat!) Make a wager with your spouse and see who caves first!

Too often we draw battle lines. We believe if we cross those lines, then we are surrendering. But what if there is some truth on the other side? We should forget politics. We should set aside fears of being associated with the “wrong” people. Instead we should seek to please our Creator. As we care for creation we honor the Creator. And His way will lead to healing. Spiritually and physically. For us and all of His Creation.

2 thoughts on “Melting

  1. Well said, Sean. Other ideas to add to your list:
    Recycle computer printer paper – the back side is still perfectly good!
    Cut down on aluminum foil and plastic wrap for covering dishes – use reusables.
    Freeze or can fruit and vegetables in the summer for use in the winter.
    Learn to sew and make your own clothes and quilts.

    1. Thanks Wilma! These are all Great ideas. Megan already freezes vegetables and hopes to learn to can. Not sure we are equipped to sew our own clothes… as you know, until recently, I got knitting, sewing, and quilting confused! 😉

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