“I only have feet on! Can I go outside with just feet on?” — Shoeless Phoebe

Earthwise_Green_Womens_Vegan_Classics_02In Acts Peter performs a miracle (Acts 9:32-35). A man paralyzed for eight years, bedridden, and Peter speaks, “get up and make your bed.” The man gets… hang on, “make your bed”? Why? Get up and dance or celebrate or praise God – those make sense. But make your bed?

Is cleanliness really next to Godliness (it is not in the Bible, no matter what your mom said)? Does God really love a made bed? Can you bounce quarters off the beds in heaven?

Maybe. Or maybe the man’s wife or parents or family are weathered from taking care of him for so long, but now he can take up the task. Make the bed. Wash the dishes. Sweep… the practical life encounters the miracles of the Bible.

The mundane and miraculous are never separated in Christ. The grace of God arrives in the early church not because of miracles or prophecies, but by sharing (check out Acts 4:33-34).

What does this mean?

This summer we have jumped into the book “7” by Jen Hatmaker. It is a journey, letting go of our excess and making room for Christ’s love. Every month the author takes something out of her life – we followed the example, but only for a week. We have given up the internet and only worn seven items of clothes (underwear did not count – so I was not too gross). Each week a new area. And each week it was not just about us giving up, but figuring out how we can give back to others.

We are about to start a week on spending. Cutting down on all the random things we purchase. Passed around the group was a blog in reaction to Tom’s shoes. The author decide to buy two pairs of same shoe – giving the other away.

I wonder what the world would look like if we all gave away as much as we gave ourselves?

I wonder if there would be any kids (or adults) who “only have feet on”?

2 thoughts on “Feet

  1. I’m so glad you and the family are enjoying The 7 Experiment. I led the study at The Hill last spring. Only a handful of us participated, but it really was life-changing. I am still wrestling with the lessons learned a year and a half later.

    1. Thanks Alex. The book has been great for our group (and the whole church has heard me ramble about it). I think this – excess – is our core struggle. We can only be freed by letting go.

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