Royals Playoff Vote

Excluding Washington state, the nation believes the Royals will make the playoffs.1 This may be the first time in the history of the web the Royals were favored to make the playoff in a nationwide poll – since the worldwide web was not around the last time the Royals made the play0ff’s (1985 — www.’s birthday is March 12, 1989).

1 Who needs Washington? I suppose they are voting for the Mariners with their vote against the Royals. I can support rooting for the home team. — Props to Delaware and North Dakota for fully committing to the blue! (This is an ESPN Poll, click on the picture to add to the vote.)

It has been an amazing few weeks. After the All-Star break the season seemed lost, the team bumbling at .500. The trade deadline brought nothing, while the Tigers got a star pitcher. Then Eric Hosmer went down with an injury. But the Royals were starting to win and now that a fan has arrived from South Korea the team can not lose.

Still, our less than royal history has marked me. I am so excited we are here, but I keep expecting the floor to drop out. I wrote yesterday about negativity. It builds up over the years and makes it hard to believe in a better reality.

Yet, this morning the sun is out. My George Brett bobble head is shaking his head “yes”. So I am letting go of my concerns and will  join the rest of the nation. This the the year. Not just for playoff, the World Series awaits us… if Sung Woo Lee will stay in the country.

2 thoughts on “First

  1. Not sure about North Dakota but I can only assume that Delaware votes our way because it’s the home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks…

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