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“The package man is a good person. He brings us presents that are not wrapped.” – Phoebe

A part of me wants to correct Phoebe. When a package arrives, we know what is coming. We purchased it, so it is not much of a present. And the package guy or gal is getting paid to do the job. But the more I pondered, she is right about packages and presents. Even though I track the delivery and I know what will be sitting on the doorstep… I am excited to see the box and instantly bust it open.

What does this have to say about the package man? Is he good? We live in a broken world. I do not want Phoebe to instantly embrace strangers, even if they hand out packages. Definitely not if they are handing out puppies (Part of my fear is that they may actually be handing out puppies… we do not need a dog!).

But as an adult what is the value of my jaded perspective? If packages are a little like presents, maybe people are too.

Originally we were made in God’s image. Broken though we are, we still bear remnants of that image. What if I approached people looking for their grace? Rather than their sin. This is easy for me as I approach some people, but hard with others.

A splendid blog was forwarded to me this morning. I write “splendid” because I agree with the post, which makes it easy for me to see the grace in the unknown author. The article mentions a few people with whom I often disagree, including Mark Driscoll. If you were not aware, Driscoll is stepping back as pastor of a large church because a myriad of controversies. The controversies come as no surprise to me. He often seemed driven by pride. His brash personality caused me to see only his faults rather than any talents. I may not celebrate his downfall, but neither do I grieve it… I confess it makes me a little smug.

God knows humanity is hopelessly lost. Yet I do not believe our brokenness is God’s focus. In our darkness He does not repeat an “I told you so” about the fruit. Instead the Savior notices glimmers of potential lost. With this vision set before Him, the light came and the cross was endured.

What if I approached my neighbor – even the one who drives me nuts – in the same way? What if I saw them as beloved, a worthy child of God? Through God’s eyes each person becomes a gift.

Including my smug-self… (A good reminder, I felt a little crusty after writing this blog.)

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