Make Room

On Christmas morning, before the chaos filled unwrapping, we stopped to read the Christmas story. Of shepherds, angels, and wisemen. We then took communion together as a family. It was a good moment. The girls were amazingly calm and listening, especially with presents so close.

So much of life is a rush. We arrive at the end of the day wondering how we got there, unable to explain how the baby is now in school. I imagine this was the pace of Bethlehem. A census rush. Mouths to feed. Dollar, Denari, to earn. Then came a knock. A request. “I am sorry, there is no room.” So Mary and Joseph went on and the houses of Bethlehem did not even ponder the opportunity missed. Instead their heads hit the pillow, while God arrived among animals.

We challenged the church to make room for Jesus in our homes. Following the Christmas Eve Service folks could take a “present” filled with instructions and communion. Nothing special. Imitation grape juice and a roll. But it acted as a knock at the door. A reminder to pause. (click here for the instructions)

Christmas is always a wonderful time. But this pause for prayer, scripture, communion – inviting the presence of Christ – became my and Meg’s favorite part of Christmas. Making room for Jesus is the purpose of Christmas.

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