Searching for Worry

Phoebe Wordsearch

Phoebe’s class uses word searches to help learn new vocabulary. The detective work required often leaves Phoebe frustrated. So much so that she began dreading school (a feeling I completely understood). She would lay in bed and refuse to get up – “What if there is a word search today?!”

So I found an online site that creates word searches. Our weekends were filled with practice. We searched for family names, clothing items, colors… Soon enough she was a word search master. But she still worried. She made me promise to make her more assignments. When I forgot to make her homework, she was mad. Right back to refusing to go to school.

Soon enough a note arrived from Phoebe’s teacher. “Phoebe finished her word search FAST today!”

As you probably guessed, the word search is not the critical part of the assignment. On the other side of the page was new sounds and words. These were the basis for the word search, and they were the important assignment. Building blocks to help her read. Phoebe was worried over the “fun” part of the assignment. She panicked over the word search but was unfazed when she forgot to include any vowels on the other side.

I often worry about the wrong things. I stress about the plane crashing, rather than how I treat my kids on the trip. I struggle with a past mistake, only to lose sight of the current opportunity. I agonize about the one irritated person, but forget the satisfied mass.

While I waste time worrying, I miss the important part. I miss living each moment today.

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