Falling Down, Falling Down

I am in charge of Preschool Games at VBS. Today we rewrote London Bridge, “Jesus loves you, yes he does, yes he does. Jesus loves you, yes he does. You’re forgiven.” At “you’re forgiven” the bridge fell and the kids would be grabbed into Christ’s forgiveness. I thought the game was completely goofy, but I am inexperienced with preschool classes (how I am in charge is somewhat of a mystery). So I was wrong – the kids loved to be captured and soon were singing the simple words…

I thought of this image when I read the reports out of Charleston, SC. It is appalling to think of this racism and violence entering into the church. Entering into a prayer service. The moment of joyous embrace, of kids, smiles, and love. That moment became death.

The World is falling down. It is scary to think of our own church. It is heartbreaking to consider the lives of those in South Carolina. As Christians we do not live in denial, blind to a broken reality. Neither do we become cynical, living without hope of change — God is also reaching down.

They came for Him in the hour of prayer. But out of that darkness came hope. A new life, with a new way of living! Let us fall down in prayer for those in South Carolina. Then rise up to love with action. Refuse to accept hate’s narrative. Join Christ in rewriting the future for all God’s children.

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