New Life

Baby FishWe arrived home from vacation to find our aquarium teaming with fish – six new babies. Who was the mom; who was the father? Well, after a slow plague, we were down to just two fish. So it is safe to assume they are the parents. But Meg was not happy our aquarium did not have a “G” rating… an adult rating did not surprise me, but I couldn’t believe we had baby fish. I had no idea there was an expectant mom, much less that Ivy’s aquarium could support new life.

I wonder, when a church explodes with life – do people see it coming? This summer at Chandler has been far from an attendance boom. Yet things are happening.  This Sunday you will hear about a small group’s random acts of kindness (anonymous acts of love). The Acts group was created to serve our older members.  The men formed a new group to join for prayer and Bible study (plus bacon). The church has connected with Micah Ministries to serve and feed the needy in downtown KC. Leaders have come together and new small groups will begin this Fall.

With the summer doldrums it is easy to feel like nothing is happening. I will be honest, the small crowds made me question if my sermons are a little dusty. But apart from numbers something is happening. A few, noting our summer crowds, have mentioned apathy. I wonder, if they are like me before the trip to Tulsa. The aquarium had seen many fish die. I worried about the remaining two… only to come back to new life.

Lets just hope everything at the church stays PG.

If you look at the image you can see two black baby mollies. They are tiny and hard to photograph – scared of the ones who provide for them (and maybe their parents). Which seems typical of all creation.

2 thoughts on “New Life

  1. I enjoyed your perspective of this summer. I am excited to see what God has planned for us over the next 9 months. I hope we respond with open hands!

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