And I thought Meg married me for my good looks…

Optometrist diopter. White background.Megan has been using readers the past few months, so she decided to piggy back Darcy’s optometrist appointment and get her own eyes checked. The initial test had her look through a lens and follow a hot air balloon. This was the first sign of bigger issues, because the balloon would not come into focus….

The past Sunday was a blur. I arrived at church early to load slides and make copies. Then staff meeting. Right into a meeting counting deacon ballots. Texts in between because the Nursery Counter was unmanned (unladied?). Redo copies, since for the life of me I can not get the printer to choose the right drawer (yep, I defaulted to opening all the other drawers so it could only choose the one I needed). Rush to Prayer Meeting, which I got started, but left them praying – to figure out the nursery counter. Stumble into Chandler 101 to talk about what it means to be a baptist. Then into worship and make sure the girls made it, since Meg was at home with Ezekiel… oh yeah, I need to preach.

The sermon passage was Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). We mention Mary first, I would guess, because she was the one to sit at Jesus’s feet. Contrasting Martha, who was running in the kitchen to feed the gathering. Jesus celebrates Mary’s choice, so we give her top billing.

But it wasn’t Mary who invited Jesus, “Jesus came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him.” The moment is possible, set in motion, because Martha invited Jesus. Yet in her hurry to make everything right, she missed the one she invited.

Every Sunday I pray for the Spirit’s presence. I invite Christ. This week, as Martha, I wouldn’t have known what he arrived to say or do. Instead I was asking him to send someone to figure out this copier!

I hate living without seeing what is really important.

600px-03The optometrist, after running multiple tests, was flabbergasted Megan had not had her eyes checked until now. It seems she has a fairly significant astigmatism and is far sighted. Reading glasses would not do and prescription lens are on their way. Soon Meg will really see…

… Now I wonder what she will think the first time she clearly sees me?! (“Take off your glasses, babe… See, I am still handsome!”)

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