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Yesterday morning I posted a blog on our vote and this election. I had written it with the idea that anyone could win. But as most everyone else I assumed Hillary would win. After a finance meeting, I guessed I would come home to see a blue board… but I was startled.

The night progressed and my amazement grew. Donald Trump is our President.

I do not know anyone who respects Trump’s character. This was an election where both major candidates were disliked. I suspect a majority of votes were cast against someone – rather than for someone. I personally voted against both parties by writing in a name.

But as I pointed to in my writing yesterday, this country is not about to become Haiti. As Christians we are not called to build this country, but called to follow Christ. He is our King. It is His Kingdom. The President matters, but not for the Christian mandate.

Then this morning I read, and again, and again, and I can continue…  that the white Evangelical vote went overwhelming for Donald Trump. It is not surprising that he won evangelicals, but he garnered a higher percentage than other recent Republicans. Even more importantly, each of the article claimed white evangelicals are the reason Donald Trump is president.

My friends, does this make you happy? It petrifies me. You can chalk this up to media bias. But the reality is that our church is now tied to a man…  who lies as he breathes, who grabs women’s privates, who pays no taxes, who profanes POWs, who brags about affairs, who the KKK supports,  who – is there any end to this list?

My friends. Children of God. This can not be our narrative – our core story can not be that the we were Donald’s Trump Card. This can not be the narrative of God’s Church. We must have a new story. You must – today – live out a new story. I write new story, but what I mean is that we must have an old story. One that looks like Christ – His Commission, His Command.

This morning we were explaining to the girls that Donald Trump was now our President. Ivy was worried about losing insurance (we signed with the exchanges – Obamacare), Darcy wonder “what are Trump’s rules?” (she doesn’t understand presidents vs kings – thank God Trump is not our King), then Phoebe started to talk about the wall. She had heard Trump was going to kick people out of the country. We explained about immigrants and refugees. Phoebe’s concern only heightened, “will he send Taran back to China.” No, child, Audrey – my sister – adopted Taran. He is a citizen.

Then she said, “Could we adopt all the refugees?”

 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” — John 14:18

7 thoughts on “New Story

  1. I doubt that Donald Trump is going to pass any laws against women or minorities or don a pointy white mask . Most of the things that he is blamed for were in the past and extremely exploited by the media. I believe that the evangelicals have some worries that are warranted also, late term abortions, sharing of public bathrooms etc.
    I personally feel Hillary is a criminal and the Clinton family feels they are above the law. Her husband is not innocent in the way he has treated women either.
    As for legal immigrants, they won’t be thrown out but illegal immigrants are just what it says illegal. How many can we afford to care for appropriately? In my line of work I take care of each person as if they were a family member, more and more people are uninsured which means we don’t just take care of them but we pay for them too.
    I say, God is in control Sean and I believe praying for our leaders is our job. Not pointing out how horrible they are. I assure you Donald is not my favorite person but I did vote for him because I felt to do anything else was a vote for Hillary. This is the first political thing I have commented on during this entire political mess but I always read your blog because I enjoy and sometimes learn from them. I felt like I wanted to express I don’t really agree with this one. I will still be reading your blog and loving and praying for you and your family and our political leaders. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

    1. Hey Kim, I am glad you read my blog, thankful for your honesty, and I rejoice that our fellowship continues! You are right, prayer is essential – for all of us!

  2. Kim’s comment was well-written. Gotta say I agree with Kim. But to those with concern, let me also bring forth what I was reminded of this morning: within the Bible, God used many people with less than stellar reputations to bring about His purpose.

    1. Hey Merry, good to hear from you. Wilma mentioned the same thing above you. And our prayer is always for God’s purposes to become reality.

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