How much is your privacy worth? Mine is fairly cheap. All it takes is a small crisis over insurance costs and wondering how we will afford insuring Ivy. A teenage driver doubled our cost. So, with a big 6month bill on the way, I started price shopping. Multiple places had offered better deals (some epic, […]

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Any other Name

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Juliet And yet a rose does not care what we call it. But try calling your spouse the wrong name (see pic). Or worse, when Ivy was in elementary school her teacher called her “Ivory” for months. Ivory is beautiful, but it is a […]

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I came home that evening and my Royals’ umbrella had not survived. E tried to fold it back up … and the rod bent. But what will I remember? A broken umbrella or my children joyfully yelling goodbye?! Obviously the cheers! This is how God sees us. Past all the brokenness to the moment of […]

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“I think everyone understands why…” — School Principal We are in the back-to-school mode. Kids are getting schedules and I am sitting through parent meetings. Between cell phone rules and lunch money, a chunk of time is devoted to safety. There is a new entrance, with security doors. “Even if we know you, we will […]

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Last week I had lunch with my friend and mentor Dave. Yesterday we both tested postive for covid. This lead to a series of texts… I do wonder, did I infect Dave? Of course we are both getting sick at the same time. And our lunch included a non-denominational pastor. Can you really trust those […]

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