“I am here today because I believe that Facebook’s products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.” — Frances Haugen, testifying before the Senate (Article Link). How often have you wished our social media feeds were just family pics, dad jokes, and cat memes? I realize we are the ones sharing and posting… but […]

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Yesterday E’s class had a bulldog party (they earn letters for good behavior). Their party was a day to dress up in costumes. E wanted to wear his Spiderman costume. It has big muscles and buttons with web slinging sound effects. Only E has been growing… and is too big to be Spidey. So earlier […]

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Another Way

Last night the Supreme Court refused to block Texas’s abortion bill (USAToday). This is not the court’s final ruling — the decision was on minutia — still the law will go into effect while legal challenges proceed. As my newsfeed fills up, my personal opinion is in support of “heartbeat laws”. It makes logical sense, […]

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Know God Know Hope

“Unlike him, [the dog] retained a kind of hope. Hope is an instinct only the reasoning human mind can kill.” — The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene On Sunday Chandler’s food pantry ran out of milk. Which happens some weeks, but a regular family with a new baby arrived. So I hurried to […]

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