The internet can be a terrible place, but it can also be delightful. Take this week’s inauguration and Bernie Sanders. Amidst all immaculately dressed he arrived with a envelope in hand and huge wool mittens. Twitter said it was as though the inauguration was just one of the day’s errands: see Biden/Harris sworn in, drop […]

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The conflation of Trump and Jesus was a common theme at the rally. “Give it up if you believe in Jesus!” a man yelled near me. People cheered. “Give it up if you believe in Donald Trump!” Louder cheers. — Goldberg in The Atlantic The startling events of this week… The images of a mob […]

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What does it mean to kneel?  Technology brings images and stories into our hearts we would rather avoid. But this week our mind’s eye is forced open. George Floyd. We can choose to retreat back into comfort. But the image, the plea… What does it mean to kneel? How could it become an act of […]

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Our Modern Darkness

“And at last, in its curved and imperceptible fall, the sun sank low, and from glowing white changed to a dull red without rays and without heat, as if about to go out suddenly, stricken to death by the touch of that gloom brooding over a crowd of men.” — Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, […]

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In the presence of my enemy

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy.” — Psalm 23 A good friend passed away. As I prepared his Celebration of Life service, I reflected on so many stories. He was an older gentleman, who loved me deeply. Looking past my faults, he believed I was excellent pastor. And in […]

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