Adventure and Advent grow from the same Latin root, advenire, “to come”. The words diverged, Adventure growing through adventurus, “about to happen”, Advent through adventus, “arrival”. And today they seem far from related. Adventure is excitement. The moment of discovery, the journey to find what has happened. It does not happen indoors surrounded by candles […]

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Replaced by an Elf

This morning Ezekiel lamented that we do not have an Elf on our Shelf. I responded that I think the elves are creepy, always watching. “Do you really want someone always watching?” Darcy: “You are always watching us.” “Yeah, but the Elf will watch while you sleep!” D: “Don’t you check on us while we […]

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273 Meals

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” — Matthew 25:31-40 Each year Chandler works all Thanksgiving week to prepare meals. Peeling, mashing endless pounds of potatoes. Making pies, adding sides to the turkey and ham. We deliver a meal to anyone who calls in the Northland on Thanksgiving. That morning is full […]

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And a Nutritionist?

MrE’s class earned a bulldog party and they choose a PJs and Movie day. Everyone was supposed to bring a snack. So I grabbed his Halloween candy ziplock. I started to ask him to choose a couple of pieces, but then told him to take the whole bag. Please share with the kids whose parents […]

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How much is your privacy worth? Mine is fairly cheap. All it takes is a small crisis over insurance costs and wondering how we will afford insuring Ivy. A teenage driver doubled our cost. So, with a big 6month bill on the way, I started price shopping. Multiple places had offered better deals (some epic, […]

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