Fifteen minutes before the celebration of life service I realized the mic I set up didn’t work. I rushed to find a replacement. Later, I guessed, I had a bad mic cable, but in the moment, I was switching inputs and mics. I finally grabbed a mic from the music team and drug it across […]

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First Supper

They all sat on one side of the table – better for DaVinci and Instagram. Jesus broke the bread. Passed the cup. Snap the selfie and add the catchy hashtag, #Last Supper. But Jesus would eat again. Jesus would break bread again. So, just like the disciples didn’t sit on one side of the table, […]

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She said Zacharias “made her pray with him to thank God for the ‘opportunity’ they both received.” — Christianity Today I heard Ravi Zacharias speak in person just once. He was a part of a large conference and was an amazing story teller. One of the best I have ever heard. He had my attention […]

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The internet can be a terrible place, but it can also be delightful. Take this week’s inauguration and Bernie Sanders. Amidst all immaculately dressed he arrived with a envelope in hand and huge wool mittens. Twitter said it was as though the inauguration was just one of the day’s errands: see Biden/Harris sworn in, drop […]

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The conflation of Trump and Jesus was a common theme at the rally. “Give it up if you believe in Jesus!” a man yelled near me. People cheered. “Give it up if you believe in Donald Trump!” Louder cheers. — Goldberg in The Atlantic The startling events of this week… The images of a mob […]

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