“Why is the dog all wet?”

“I baptized him!” — Ezekiel

Drenching the dog would normally lead to discipline… but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything over a baptism. We got towels to dry him off and I asked Meg, “Does Appa look holier?, do you think this means he will sleep in?!” But she she was not ready for jokes, “A forced baptism won’t help us…”

This is a good reminder for the church. We can not hang rules on people. They must open their hearts.

On Sunday we are in Matthew 5. Jesus declares that the children of God are peacemakers (v9). Later in the same chapter he elaborates that the children of God love their enemy (v44-5). This is what it means to become like Jesus (the son of God). This is what it means to take up our cross (the ultimate act of loving those who are against us). And this is what will open the heart of our enemies. I am not writing naively, I am preaching Jesus.

I hope you will join us on Sunday. Live at 10:30 — in person or streaming online.

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