In the presence of my enemy

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy.” — Psalm 23 A good friend passed away. As I prepared his Celebration of Life service, I reflected on so many stories. He was an older gentleman, who loved me deeply. Looking past my faults, he believed I was excellent pastor. And in […]

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A free copy of Christianity Today landed in my office. Flipping through I found a list of heresies. I scanned the list. I was not surprised to see people believe “Jesus was the first and greatest being created by God,” but I was surprised 73% strongly agree. 1 Down the list the church started to perform […]

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New Balloon

On New Year’s Eve we took down the baby bed. One of Meg and my shared traits is sleepiness. Which we passed down – so our kids never tried to climb out. Just snuggled in. And so they were kicked out only when required. Which means the bed was up nearly the whole time through our […]

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Friends and Swords

“and me” — Meg “and you” — Ezekiel We are teaching MrE to pray more specifically. We guide and ask him to repeat after me. Sometimes prayers for help (“please help Kerianna”). Yesterday we thanked God for family and went through the list: Dad, Mom, I, P, D, and me. We expected Ezekiel to keep […]

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Finding Xmas

Tis the season of houses filled with nativities. Our house is no exception. We have both sacred and mundane. And the kids find ways to play with all of them. Mr E discovered a fabric version. The Magi were not carrying urns or boxes; instead, they had wrapped packages. And our son knows what to […]

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