Adventure and Advent grow from the same Latin root, advenire, “to come”. The words diverged, Adventure growing through adventurus, “about to happen”, Advent through adventus, “arrival”. And today they seem far from related.

Adventure is excitement. The moment of discovery, the journey to find what has happened. It does not happen indoors surrounded by candles and reflection. Which is exactly where the church holds Advent… religion dulls…

But with a bit of wisdom, or maybe MAGIc, the words are still connected. For at the arrival of Jesus a great adventure began. Ancient stargazers saw something. Rather than write a scientific paper, they started a quest. These were scientists in the mold of Dr. Jones. And I am sure their wives were happy to have them out of the house!

The religious were still talking in Jerusalem when the adventurers arrived. The priest knew the right way, but decided to stay and continue talking. I am sure they lit another candle.

So it was the foreign star gazers, though they did not know the scriptures, who found Advent. And this was God’s intention. For the arrival of Jesus was sharp. It would require risk. It would pull us out of comfort. It was the start of God’s adventure.

His Light is inviting us today.

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