After Phoebe’s concert, another grade performed. Kaycie, a church member, was in that band, so I took pictures of her. Afterward Bev, her mom, caught me, “a friend told me a creepy guy was taking pictures of my daughter!” Bev told her friend not to worry… the old creeper was her pastor!

During Taekwondo, E’s sensei talked to kids about what to do if they get lost. Stay in one place. Don’t panic. When she asked the group what they would do, E’s hand shot up, “ask an adult for help”. Of course that was the wrong answer. Ask an employee, ask a police offer, ask a mom with kids… but definitely don’t ask just any stranger (certainly not a creepy guy like me)!

E exists in a safe world. He believes every adult he encounters will help. And afterward I pondered what I should be teaching. I don’t really want him to be afraid of strangers. 99% of people are good and will help a lost child — no matter their politics or religion or race or education. Still, creepers exists. So I understand why everyone is worried.

But God does not desire this world of fear. So God set out to fix it, but there were only two options: Destroy us ALL (leave “righteous” Noah and you will soon have the same mess), OR, God could do something beyond belief and join us in our suffering. God entering into communion (Him coming to us, us turning to Him), brings salvation!

For us – embraced by God – we are called to do likewise. We are commissioned to risk going into the world to build community. Not just neighborhoods, but to build family. God’s Family.

This Sunday we continue our Advent series: While we Wait. This week we hear from Wilma Searcy and experience the Love of God that turns the world upside down. I hope you will join us at 10:30, in-person or streaming live.

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