Reading Prayers

As Baptists we generally practice extemporaneous prayer. Off the cuff. Of course for Sunday Worship we may write a prayer – just to help our nerves. But it is written in our own words, which is our model of prayer. For a traditional Baptist, prayer should rise up out of our hearts, like a conversation […]

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Give to God

Matthew 6:32-33 “After a semi-annual budget audit was run by the elder board at Lake Michigan Bible Fellowship Monday, youth pastor Troy “Turnt” Hatley was called in for questioning over the fact that he had rendered half his budget unto Little Caesars.” — Babylon Bee This article from the Babylon Bee — a Christian version of the […]

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Ezekiel 47:1-12 This Sunday is the church picnic. Rain is forecasted all weekend. It is the Chiefs home opener (part of KCs Super Bowl pre-party). So the church had a bit of a panic moment mid-week. But soon we remembered we owned, but thankfully had not installed, the second projector. The Chiefs will be on […]

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Each Friday I volunteer at an elementary school. Yesterday I worked with a student on spelling and his handwriting was terrible. It appeared he misspelled nearly every word, but as he wrote he also spoke the letters. Listening, I realized he was spelling the words correctly, though they appeared wrong. But I knew he would […]

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Tomatoes and Vision

Matthew 4:18-22 Last week, in a quiet moment, we found Ezekiel covered in tomato. He had taken one from our garden harvest, only we quickly realized he wasn’t eating. There were lines running on the wall and drapes. He wasn’t ashamed or bashful. But as we began to flip out and clean, his voiced quaked, […]

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Does it Matter?

Galatians 5:13-26 Following my message last week — we no longer follow the law to become righteous, we have been made righteous, so now we follow Christ — a youth asked their grandparent, middle school tongue in cheek, “so it no longer matters what we do?” This question seems crazy — especially if you are […]

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Law and Scripture

Galatians 3 Check out verse 22: “But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin…” Wait! What? Scripture locked us up?! Throughout this passage, Paul is talking about the Law. The Law reveals sin, but it can not heal our sinfulness. In verse 22 Paul interchanges the word Law with Scripture. Because the […]

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