Scattering Life

March Madness basketball is cancelled, but it is playing out all around us. Store shelves are empty of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. The President just declared a national emergency. It really is a difficult and scary time. And it is all changing so quickly. As your pastor, I am stumbling through these days. Just […]

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Finding Peace

I misplaced my wedding ring on Tuesday. This is fairly common routine. I bought Tiles for my keys and wallet… alas, they don’t make a wedding ring Tile! I looked everywhere I could imagine — combing the carpet, un-piling laundry — but eventually gave up and left for the office. Later Meg shot me this […]

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In two weeks we leave for Haiti. Into the mountains to build a medical clinic. Away from our normal base camp — Jenny’s Villa is on the beach near the ocean with palm trees — we are taking tents. True camping. I should probably pack marshmallows… and tarantula repellent! For some this would be a […]

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What do you want?

With a group of deacons, I am reading Phileena Heuertz’s book Mindful Silence. At the end of each chapter she outlines a specific prayer. The second chapter asks us to spend time in silence picturing the scene of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). Bartimaeus cries out, but the crowd silences him, pushes him back. Yet Jesus […]

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