Darcy asked, “Does snot smell?”… I wasn’t sure, but she had the answer, “I’ll bet we can’t smell snot because it is always in our nose!” Which made me wonder, does everything our noses sense have a bit of a snot smell? Would everything smell different if snot didn’t exist?! As Shakespeare put it, “would […]

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Blue Screens and Bibles

For Sunday’s creative element I built an amazing blue screen. Amazing, not in quality, but that taping blue scrapes together hung from the ceiling tiles worked! This allowed the video to transport us to a new reality, with double rainbows and cows (prepare your imagination for Sunday). Scripture’s words transport us to a new possibility. […]

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“Buy a cheap tree, dig an expensive hole.” — Grandpa The first tree I ever planted was with my Dad and Grandpa. Meg and I just bought a little house1 and the yard was bare. So when they visited, Grandpa took me to a nursery. A skilled gardener, he gave me all kinds of pointers. […]

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Pan, beyond English definitions of “frying” and “derision”, the Greek root means “all”. This week I received my first Covid vaccination. My brother called and said the event at Independence Center had trouble filling its spots. While I qualify in a roundabout way (I am the supervisor of the Chandler Preschool), the event would take […]

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“The Sabbath which I have made, in which I will give rest to all things, is the beginning of an eighth day, that is the beginning of another world.” — Barnabbas, 2nd Century, likely not written by Barnabas Ivy and a group of band friends came to the church to record for a contest. One […]

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