Underneath the house the work looked good. — In Augusta we owned a little 1960s ranch house. Cute from the outside, but inside a load bearing wall was creating havoc on the wood floors. Between two pieces there was an ever increasing crack. In my dreams the crack would open up to pull us all […]

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“A group of sharks is called a school or shiver.” Ezekiel’s favorite book right now is all about sharks. Filled with excellent art. There are silhouettes of humans to emphasize the size of sharks. One page has actual size teeth — bigger than a hand and a shark’s mouth is filled with rows and rows. […]

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Yesterday an email from the school arrived. Typical pre-Christmas break: early release… office closed… then, “We also want to make you aware of a social media post … alluding to the possibility of violence at schools taking place on Friday, Dec. 17.” A TikTok post declared today “National Shoot Up Your School Day“. In our […]

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Out of the Traffic

“Gee the traffic is terrific…” Darcy is playing Christmas music on the piano. I sing along as I wash dishes… the memories of holiday traffic come back. Rush hours in random cities. Bad weather. Wrecks. I realize for the first time this line must be sarcastic. Which then makes me analyze the whole song…. is […]

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So this is Christmas… is it? My life used to run on the calendar. School starting, moves toward Halloween, to Thanks… but now everything ends in a question mark. School? Halloween? I have become an expert at rapid at home covid tests. Waiting fifteen minutes to see blue lines… like a pregnancy test of doom. […]

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