“Swords are for emergencies… like bears or slugs.” — Ezekiel Mr E grabs his nerf sword and slides it through the back of his t-shirt. Now he is ready for anything and runs around the house and backyard. His quote explains it all. While I have encountered a lot of slugs (stomp!), I have not […]

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“Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer…” (v28) Ponder the church where a missionary must say, “Stop stealing.” My brother is a pastor in downtown Independence. A once wealthy middle class area now blighted. Many churches struggle to make the transition. Many churches change locations. But this church is as diverse as the community.  […]

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Toilet Meditation

Yesterday Ezekiel set up a stool and a upside down laundry basket outside the bathroom. Then he found Meg. She was now, with a seat and table for her coffee, ready to join him for bathroom time. He does not like to be alone. Which I find hilarious, because my bathroom routine is the exact opposite. Even Mr […]

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Scattering Life

March Madness basketball is cancelled, but it is playing out all around us. Store shelves are empty of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. The President just declared a national emergency. It really is a difficult and scary time. And it is all changing so quickly. As your pastor, I am stumbling through these days. Just […]

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Finding Peace

I misplaced my wedding ring on Tuesday. This is fairly common routine. I bought Tiles for my keys and wallet… alas, they don’t make a wedding ring Tile! I looked everywhere I could imagine — combing the carpet, un-piling laundry — but eventually gave up and left for the office. Later Meg shot me this […]

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