After reading the Hunger Games, Phoebe decided archery was her destiny. Her birthday present became lessons and money from everyone for a bow. New terms and steps were memorized. Phoebe practiced her stance and form — everything still as she aimed at the target. Even the release was simply wiping chocolate from her cheek. A […]

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Wrinkly Faith

I am developing strong laugh lines… what you might call wrinkles. The gray is increasing. My shower now has a screen on the drain to catch my hair. At least the hair that didn’t decide to be reborn on my ears… basically, I am getting older. The youth retreat’s core was a spiritual gifts test. […]

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Unintended Consequence

I try to keep up with the day’s events. I find NPR a good balance. But there are times the news is… well, it explains why we all need medication! But yesterday as I raced home and rushed to get Phoebe to archery, I heard something wonderful. During the pandemic, while we masked and distanced […]

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Ivy got her driver’s permit, and, after a parking lot tour, nervously ventured onto the road. This brought back a flood of memories. Killing the Escort a thousand times — my dad insisted I learn on a stick. While I insisted I didn’t even know how to turn yet! It doesn’t seem that long ago […]

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As we search for a youth minister, I find myself back to planning a youth retreat. Which allows me one of my favorite tasks, t-shirt design. This is where I think my real talent lies… but like any artist, not everyone understands. I sent front and back images to the t-shirt guy. In a third […]

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