Church is Like School?

Ezekiel, disgruntled and serious, “Church is like school. So much learning! That is not what God wants!” He was so intense, “God wants prayer and worship, not school!” I had to hold back laughing at my recess loving first grader. For him worship must involve slides and sunshine! 😉 Picture it, we all know Ezekiel […]

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natural năch′ər-əl adj — 3 Conforming to the usual or ordinary course of nature. The Jesus Storybook Bible is the most splendid children’s bible. The art is beautiful, the writing engaging, but it is the deep theology that sets the Bible apart. Take the feeding of the 5000: “Well, Jesus did many miracles like this. […]

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After Phoebe’s concert, another grade performed. Kaycie, a church member, was in that band, so I took pictures of her. Afterward Bev, her mom, caught me, “a friend told me a creepy guy was taking pictures of my daughter!” Bev told her friend not to worry… the old creeper was her pastor! During Taekwondo, E’s […]

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Ezekiel is about to turn seven and for his gift we bought him a bean bag. No longer full of beans, this one is full of memory foam. It arrived in a 2×2 square box. Inside was the cover and a plastic wrapped bag of foam. Out of the package the foam started to expand. […]

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“Praise Him for His acts of power.” — Psalm 150:2 Tuesday is Election Day. The ads are nonstop, but in today’s world the church is hit specifically hard. My inbox overflows (where are my spam filters?). And this year, for the first time, I got a Fedex envelope. It was stuffed with pamphlets to hand […]

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