Good and Evil

I woke up this morning. If I died during my sleep it would have been a tragedy, a “why do bad things happen to good people” moment (whether I deserve the title “good”, folks would say it for Meg and the kids). But that I awoke no one bats an eyes — except to get […]

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The sky was spitting ice as the kids headed to school. But when they arrived, the buses were calling in from ditches, the administration declared a snow day. Ivy called me to say she was dropping a friend off on her way home. “Sounds good, just drive slow…” Little decisions change everything. Sometimes the ramifications […]

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Just about everyone I work with has a birthday this week. So I bought them all the same mug. No, this was not a twisted joke to force them to hand wash their cups! I also bought Meg one and I do the dishes at home. I gifted the mugs because I love the vision […]

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Church is Like School?

Ezekiel, disgruntled and serious, “Church is like school. So much learning! That is not what God wants!” He was so intense, “God wants prayer and worship, not school!” I had to hold back laughing at my recess loving first grader. For him worship must involve slides and sunshine! 😉 Picture it, we all know Ezekiel […]

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natural năch′ər-əl adj — 3 Conforming to the usual or ordinary course of nature. The Jesus Storybook Bible is the most splendid children’s bible. The art is beautiful, the writing engaging, but it is the deep theology that sets the Bible apart. Take the feeding of the 5000: “Well, Jesus did many miracles like this. […]

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