Dr Wells

In college there was a little Mexican restaurant named El Rodeo. It came with the chairs and paintings of every Mexican restaurant — they are a strange national chain. Like its counterparts, chips and salsa were unlimited and the food cheap. A perfect upgrade from my usual 99¢ Totino’s pizza dinner. Their fountain drinks included […]

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Out of Place

At the corner of I35 and 152 I saw a Target grocery cart. It was a ways from home. I pondered how it arrived there. It wasn’t the wind. Did someone without a car need to carry their packages?… they must have felt out of place too. We all feel this way one time or […]

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Neti Pot Brain Freeze

“The leading cause of injury in old men is them believing they are still young men.” — Todd Schrivener shared this on Facebook. I laughed… and cringed. I am battling a cold, but I am used to continuing with my normal life. Then this week my body broke and I was bed ridden — while […]

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The Point

Revelation 12:1-5 In a splendid, but ridiculous, series of events an artist (Maurizio Cattelan) created art by duct taping a banana to the wall. So profound (some said a-peel-ing) the art sold for 120 thousand dollars. On display people began taking selfies with the art. Then, later that week, another artist, David Datuna, approached the […]

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Imagining with God

Luke 2:1-7 Friday morning I volunteered in the school and was reading with a student. It is a fun chapter book about a supervillain who does not want to be bad. The student was impressed he was able to read a book so thick and flipped to the back — Over 300 pages! This was […]

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Small Stars, Big Lights

“But you, O Bethlehem, though you are small…” Bethlehem was backwoods, podunk. In the US it would be the declining rural town, with one flashing light. Blink and you miss it… in your race to catch up to where everyone else is going. But we know the rest of the verse from Micah, “out of […]

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Always Here

Prepare your hearts of worship by Reading Acts 12:1-19. In the middle of the night, I heard Ezekiel crying out “Daddy!” This does not happen – normally he comes and gets me. So I stumbled out of bed and into his room. Only his covers were pulled back into a pile on the side. So I went […]

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