“Praise Him for His acts of power.” — Psalm 150:2

Tuesday is Election Day. The ads are nonstop, but in today’s world the church is hit specifically hard. My inbox overflows (where are my spam filters?). And this year, for the first time, I got a Fedex envelope. It was stuffed with pamphlets to hand out to you, my church family, and the letter was ominous… we are in a battle for the survival of the church…

Uh, hang on. Does the church depend on the next political election? Did Nero, who used Christians as torches to light his garden, reduce the church to ashes? Do we understand the power of God? 

As a child I grew up inundated by political voices in the church. The danger of uniting politics and the church did not occur to me until much later. As a child the battle line, good vs evil, was clear. I would serve God and vote for good. But as I matured, I realized it was not good vs evil. It was often the lesser of two evils. And when I started voting, I struggled. I tried writing in candidates, people committed to Jesus… 

I was wrestling because I was committed to serving God. But I found many around me were locked on a party. Here was the danger in uniting politics and the church. Faithful people started serving God, but in the process the truth became wrapped up in a party. And now the party defines their truth. And only their party can protect the truth…

As though God needs others to protect His bride, the Church. 

Which brings me back to God’s power. We have been praying the Psalms and yesterday we prayed Psalm 150. As I prayed for God’s power, I was convicted how often I trust in other powers. First, I was convicted of my trust in the power of money. Our church just finished budgeting for 2023 and I was reminded, God is our provider. Then, I was convicted of my fears for the coming election. My fears for the nation, for the witness of the church… where is my trust? My prayer was a return to faith – trusting in the God who saves. And we need saving!

As Christians, citizens of God’s Kingdom, but residents in this land, we vote. Vote not as any human or institution tells you. Vote as God guides you. And do NOT put your worry in the result. Instead, leave your trust with God. Come what may Tuesday or next year, know that God is with you. His power does not need political candidates. He only asks for a faithful church. 

So church, be faithful. Be like Jesus.

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