The sky was spitting ice as the kids headed to school. But when they arrived, the buses were calling in from ditches, the administration declared a snow day. Ivy called me to say she was dropping a friend off on her way home. “Sounds good, just drive slow…”

Little decisions change everything. Sometimes the ramifications are instantly evident. Like Ivy calling to say she slid off the road. “Is everyone okay?” … “Good, it is not a big deal, ice is hard to navigate. How is the car?” … “You flew?! How fast were you going?!”…

We bought the car in Waco. Meg was pregnant, and we had settled on two names: Ivy for a girl, Ezekiel for a boy. We would wait years for Ezekiel, but Ivy arrived in a few months. I couldn’t figure out how to get her latched into the carseat… how could the hospital let me take a human home?

How indeed?, as I still give out bad advice! I went and picked up the girls. The curve in the road was very slick, hard to walk across. I came back later for the car. The sheriff had already marked it with caution tape. A fit warning, as the radiator was completely empty. Still it started right up and I limped it to the repair shop.

But it was not just the radiator. The fans, a/c compressor, engine brackets… the repairs would cost nearly the value of the car. So, for three hundred dollars a salvage company took it away.

Ivy and I went to clean out the glovebox and trunk. As we walked away, “Since we bought the car for your birth, it is appropriate that you end its life.”


She is not ready to laugh. But I am thankful my bad advice did not lead to a worse moment. She is okay. And now we get to spend more time together –We will be driving her everywhere! More time for dad jokes! (Cue eye rolls.)

This week begins Lent, our preparation for Easter. The message series, “Taste and See” uses illustrations from the Passover Meal (Seder Meal) and meals in scripture. This week is Luke 14. I hope you will decide to join us at 10:30, in person or streaming live.

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