“Ezekiel! Stop playing with the remo…”

Then I saw the remote was sitting on the table, what is going on… bamboozled by commercial.

Commercials are always an interruption, but this took it to another level. It broke my chief focus and taught me about Tubi.

This Wednesday Lent begins. For many it is a time to fast from chocolate or social media and attend a Fish Fry. But the intention is to be an interruption. To break our habits and cause us to reconsider life. Both our own life and the life of Jesus.

Because of the tie to fasting, Lent has dreary and gray connotations in my mind. But the etymology has roots in the old English word for Springtime (lencten). The end of winter. The beginning of new life.

So, far from dreary, Lent interrupts our daily drudge. It open our eyes to new life that is springing up.

I hope you will join us on Ash Wednesday to began a season of discovering God’s grace!

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