On Sunday we incorporated hand sanitizer into our prayer (see below). During the week, I was awoken in the middle of the night by one child, announcing another had a stomach bug. And that bug was causing a full evacuation. Laundry and carpet cleaning ensued. Meg was also sick – I shared my cold. So it was just me (that is what I get for sharing!). With the smell hanging in the air, cleaning rags in my hand, I thought the bug would soon take me!

Then I remembered the prayer sanitizer. I had a ton remaining. So I went to the van to grab the box and started sanitizing. Including my feet, which walked through the danger zone. Each time I got up, more sanitizing. And each time I took a packet I was reminded of prayer.

So wiping hands, wiping feet, I was praying for Mike. (And myself, I didn’t want to get sick!)

As I mentioned last Sunday, ritual is not essential for Sunday. But sometimes we need a reminder — especially in the dark of the night, we need to pray!

On Sunday we continue our Lent series Taste and See. This week we look at Martha and Mary and how washing dishes is an essential act of a husband šŸ™‚ , but we will also be challenged to not miss our Purpose! Join us at 10:30 in person or streaming live.

Below the picture should explain how to pray with hand sanitizer. If you have questions or if you need a single packet, I did not use them all on my feet šŸ˜‰ , send me a message!

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