Space Between

IMG_4457Eclipse day and we woke up to clouds rolling in and then rain. It is now thundering and pouring. But in between the clouds parted and it was breathtaking.

With our eclipse glasses we watched the moon slowly cover the sun. First the sun was Pac-man, then it started to look like the waining moon. Then we heard the trash truck.

When Ivy was little she loved the trash men. She would wave furiously at them from the window. One morning, Meg hopped in the shower and sat Ivy on the couch watching PBSKids. Meg came out in a towel to check on Ivy – only Ivy wasn’t on the couch. There was our three year old out the front door (a door we did not even know she could open!), standing in the driveway, and waving to the trash man — soon Meg was on the porch calling her back inside (still in just a towel).

IMG_2770But today was not a good day to be a trash man. We were in the backyard staring at the sky and I was lamenting anyone who had to work… when Meg went inside. I soon heard her yelling in front. She was chasing down the trash man to give him a spare set of Eclipse glasses**. I love my wife’s heart! She fills the space between with love.

Slowly the moon covered the sun. The world went dark. Crickets chirped. The horizon glowed. The moon was ringed in white. It was breathtaking. Amazing… WONDERful.

Then the sun’s light poured out of the other side and the world returned to daytime. Literally within moments the clouds came back. The rain soon followed. Thunder. Lighting. What a blessing to have the space in between.

** We like to picture a trash truck parked on a hill, with the driver staring at the sky… Not continuing to drive the truck — you cannot see anything but the sun with those glasses! Still, if anyone had their mailbox taken out… we apologize. But at least the trash man saw the splendor of the eclipse.

Btw – I edited the photo to include the moon. My iPhone could only capture white blobs. Even this pic is nothing like the moment – which was beautiful.

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