FullSizeRender 6Underneath the sink our kitchen faucet has a quick connection – which ruptured. I found out this special part – after searching hardware stores and calling a plumber – is also special order. So the “quick” connection adds about a week in delivery time.

As we waited for the part, I continued to flip the kitchen faucet handle and rant when nothing happened (partly at my inept memory). Plus anything that required hand washing was taken to the bathroom. Pans, too large for the sink, were washed in the tub. The few feet I traveled to the bathroom was a trek of irritation.

While I curse my faucet, I am also training for the KC Half Marathon. This is not a run for health (so far the only benefit is sore feet and legs). Instead I decided to run with Team World Vision — a nonprofit that digs wells to bring fresh water in Africa.

In my house – counting indoor/outdoor faucets and tubs – there are thirteen sources of fresh water.  While I am frustrated when one is out, I am literally only a few feet from fresh, clean water.

This is not the case in much of the developing world. Women and children spend hours getting water. They carry containers that when filled often weigh over 40 pounds (every gallon of water weighs 8.4 pounds). Their walk is not down the block, but a “6K, a little more than 3.7 miles, is the average distance round trip women and children in the developing world walk for water — water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases” (World Vision).

This is not only a huge expense of energy, but also time and safety. The hours spent traveling to water could be spent in school. The path from home can easily lead women and children into harms way.

While I curse my faucet, my situation is blessed. My family has nearly unlimited fresh water (even doubly fresh water, with our filtered fridge). Across the world there are families struggling to survive. Literally they thirst for what we have in excess. They need us to share our blessing.

So I ask you to support this cause. I have set out to raise $1310 – $100 for every mile I run. But don’t look at the cost in terms of my miles. Instead consider every $50 raised brings fresh water to one person for life. An amazingly small amount – especially when you count the cost in terms of the miles she won’t have to travel.

Click here to learn more and to give support.running for water long

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