This morning I apologized for the Chief’s game yesterday. During halftime I sent out an  inclement weather reminder (freezing rain was predicted during Sunday’s services) but I first included a point about the Chiefs who were up 21-3:

“No matter how far the Chiefs are ahead… they can always lose. Guard your hearts. (This is how I try to watch the team in the playoffs.)”

By the end of the game I was accused of jinxing the game all the way from Hong Kong. And throughout Sunday morning — the temperature rose so the rain was not freezing — I heard more about my email and the game.

I argued I was protecting the flock. The Chiefs have done this every year to me — at least since we rented Joe Montana. Still at the end of service I (semi) apologized, “if I offended anyone, I am sorry, but we should all be offended by the Chiefs”.

This game was the epitome of our suffering as KC Chief fans. I used to like to mention the “last shall be first” when talking about the Royals. But I am not sure what those words mean for the Chiefs – who are neither. I suspect if football is played in Hell all the teams raise hope like the Chiefs — making the playoffs and even grabbing the lead… only to crush our spirits by allowing the opposing team QB to throw TDs to himself…

Thankfully I no longer have to mention the first shall be last… instead I am wearing my 2015 World Series Champ hoodie. At least someone knows how to win in this town.

While my apology was not serious, I did honestly wonder if my email jinxed the team. When Mariota caught his own pass for a TD, I told Meg my email should have only mentioned the weather (she told me to take the email’s advice and guard my heart!). This was long before I heard from anyone else. And I knew my feeling was ridiculous — still that was how I felt.

It is why I wore Crocs (with socks!) until the Royals lost during the 2014 playoffs. It is why I still wear a Chiefs sweatshirt from HS on Sundays… though come to think of it — maybe that is the whole problem!

Isn’t it funny… I can take responsibly for things completely out of my control. But often I don’t even consider the things I can really change.


One thought on “Apologies

  1. It’s the nail, I’m telling you. Google the story of the magic baseball nail (it’s a story on Moth Radio) and you will see that it needs to brought to KC and put in Arrowhead Stadium for a year. I sort of think it may have been here in 2015!

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