“How do seeds work?” — Darcy

Out of our compost pile grew a vine. At first I thought it might be cucumber, but the leaves grew too large. Then I realized it was a cantaloupe plant. So we let it grow and spread. Of course the first freeze ended its life, with multiple small unripe cantaloupe. Ezekiel grabbed one and cheered, “pumpkin”! He knows pumpkins are not just orange, but was happy to learn it was cantaloupe. And really he did not care, since it was soon a part of his dump truck load.

As all this was happening, Darcy asked me about seeds. I suspect a scientist could explain it, but I am like Darcy. Amazed. Give a seed a bit of soil (even composting soil), some moisture, and out grows a plant. Reproducing itself 100s? 1000s? 10000s? times. The seed does not even require my planning. It simply grows.

And this is why Jesus compares seeds to the church.

There are exciting things happening at Chandler. Tamara has reinvigorated our music. A young person’s class is starting to thrive. Visitors are coming (and I hope they keep coming back!). Yet anytime there is change, it can feel chaotic. Upended. Unexpected. Kind of like a seed growing where we didn’t plant. But rather than dump it out we water and toil (loving our neighbor, serving and inviting, praying), we await the growth of the Spirit. We await to be amazed.


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