Finding Xmas

IMG_1647Tis the season of houses filled with nativities. Our house is no exception. We have both sacred and mundane. And the kids find ways to play with all of them. Mr E discovered a fabric version. The Magi were not carrying urns or boxes; instead, they had wrapped packages. And our son knows what to do. Tearing all three out of the Magi’s hands, he opened the first… only to find foam.

He brought it to mom, angry at the injustice of empty presents. Meg was angry for another reason. (It is hard to be a little kid! “Why am I in trouble. You should be mad at them for giving Jesus foam!”)

But it made we wonder, this Christmas what are we are bringing to Jesus? Have we taken the gift for ourself, only to offer empty presents at the manger?

So I challenged my church, giving them notecards during service, to join Joseph, shepherds, Magi, and Mary. Write down the gift Jesus desires from you.

Maybe you know a family struggling and can pay their electric bill. Or maybe you have been mad at a friend for ages and it is time to forgive. Or maybe you want to join Linus and memorize the story. Or maybe you need to invite someone to church. Or…

This year journey to discover the gift Jesus desires.

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