Spring is finally arriving – in more ways than one. The past six months at Chandler have been difficult. Multiple couples left our church. While I suspect there are many reasons, theological was the reason most often given. For me, the church started to feel dark and cold, as I bounced from one struggle to the next.

In the midst of this I scheduled Chandler 101, our visitor class.** For weeks the classes were snowed out. I worried no one would show when it finally started. But there were four couples – families with kids. With each of the three classes the number grew. By the end, 7 new families were a part of the class.

More than numbers, the families had a completely different view of the past six months. They were excited about Chandler. And I was reminded, even in the darkness, God is at work. It didn’t matter that I was stuck, distracted. The Spirit was moving. And as the weather turns, I feel fresh hope for Chandler. Spring is here. Easter is coming. The Son is risen and we are alive in God’s plan!

This really is Christianity 101. The light shines into the darkness. We can remain stuck, distracted – like my winter. Or we can open our eyes and join God’s grace springing up!

** A few long-time members expressed interest in Chandler 101. If you would like to take the class, I can create an “old school” version for current members. Just let me know.

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