Breaking Eggs

IMG_3664As I shared on Easter, in the middle of dying eggs, Ivy dropped one. Which happens, but the shell didn’t just crack. Liquid started to seep. Startled, she asked, “what is happening?”, as the egg fully cracked in her hands.

Of course, we confused our fresh and hard-boiled eggs. Meg was frustrated, but the rest of us were cracking up! Plus there was no judgment for the mistake — that morning I tried to make eggs for myself and cracked open a hard-boiled egg…  This just meant we had so many more eggs to color.

It is easy to get caught up in the little mistakes. When it is about others we can go into judgy rants. But this isn’t my problem, I tend to sluff off other’s mistakes, but dwell on my own. I can feel like an idiot rather quickly… I messed up the third point in my sermon… I forgot to call that person back… I should have prepared better for the meeting…

Dwelling in all these should haves, there is no space to enjoy life. My mind is somewhere else, and I miss moments in the present. I miss all the beautiful colors of my life. But this week – cracking open beautiful eggs for my breakfast – has been a wonderful reminder. Forget the mistakes and discover the color in every moment.





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