Planting Change

“An area the size of the United States could be restored as forests with the potential of erasing nearly 100 years of carbon emissions.” — National Geographic

I planted a tree at Chandler.

In the other direction is ten acres of grasslands. What if we kept planting?

I can get excited about changing the world, but the U.S. is a big place. A google search reveals 2.3 billion acres.  So our ten acres is only a drop in the bucket. Much less than a drop is the single tree I planted. It feels insignificant.

I understand how this incapacitates. The world’s massive problems — from climate change to racism to poverty to child trafficking to… — are overwhelming. What can be done? Our small steps will be undone by others! Government or corporations need to act…

But in my heart is the push to try. The same way I get swept up by hero books and movies – there is something in me that believes change is possible. And if I want change, then I have to change. Even if I can only take tiny steps… I see my little tree. I imagine its breath. Pulling CO2, pulling back climate change.

I believe this is what it means to be the church. Trying to plant God’s Kingdom. In many small acts, we bring healing to every part of the world. Each of us act as the healer.

So I planted a tree at Chandler. I hope we turn our field into a forest. At home we compost and garden. We hold off turning our AC on until right before becoming nudists. However ridiculous I am trying to solve climate change. Because I am God’s church. I have been planted here to bring healing. With every breath to spread God’s grace.

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