Warning Silence

Mark 12:13-17 and Mark 14:1-11

Silence is golden. Unless you have small children! Then it is a crisis warning alarm… but it is still silent and easy to miss. Until the silence is broken by louder alarms. In this case Phoebe’s screams. Phoebe was preparing to change her aquarium water. She first fills a bucket with cold water and allows it to warm to room temperature. Ezekiel, in the silence, was transporting fish and plants from the aquarium into the bucket. When Phoebe discovered him there were six fish and all the plants in new water (which is kind of impressive, since it is hard to catch the little fish).

Sometimes the alarms in life are silent. In the midst of routines and habits, we don’t notice the drift away from God, until one day when we realize we want something else more than Jesus.

be MITEy the widows storyThis Sunday – the conclusion of our “Be Mitey” series – we are going to dive into the story of Judas. Like the other disciples, he left his life to follow Jesus, only to discover Jesus wasn’t what he wanted. Hope you will join us at 10:30.

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