Law and Scripture

Galatians 3

Check out verse 22: “But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin…” Wait! What? Scripture locked us up?! Throughout this passage, Paul is talking about the Law. The Law reveals sin, but it can not heal our sinfulness. In verse 22 Paul interchanges the word Law with Scripture. Because the Scripture was the Law. It can still became the Law.

Check out verses 23-25 (It is ridiculous that the NIV divides v22 from v23 by subtitles — look at the repeated words, Paul obviously was continuing his thought!). We are no longer under a guardian, neither the Law NOR Scripture, but we live by faith.

This does not take away the significance of the Law or the Scripture (they both reveal our need for Jesus, both at first and throughout our life). But it does emphasize as Christians, we do NOT make the scripture a new Law. Instead, we read the Bible through Jesus. Allowing the Spirit to lead us. As Paul writes, we live in the new way of the Spirit. Always called to follow God (check out Romans 7:6 and 2Corinthians 3:6).

Hope you will join us at Chandler this Sunday.

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