Tomatoes and Vision

Matthew 4:18-22

Last week, in a quiet moment, we found Ezekiel covered in tomato. He had taken one from our garden harvest, only we quickly realized he wasn’t eating. There were lines running on the wall and drapes. He wasn’t ashamed or bashful. But as we began to flip out and clean, his voiced quaked, “Sorry mama!” A sound to melt any heart unless that heart is cleaning tomato juice from walls. His apologies continued and he explained that he only wanted to make the walls red.

Of course, tomatoes don’t make the walls red, just mildew prone. In the same way, humans can not bring salvation to this world. Which is why God came down — to save creation. This salvation arrives through sacrifice. First Jesus’s, then ours, as we sacrifice our will to God’s. When we set aside our own will, we allow Jesus to live in us. To love through us. And this covers the world in saving grace.

Hope you join us at Chandler this Sunday – worship is at 10:30. 

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me” (Ga 2:20).

BE Vision: This Sunday we start four weeks on Chandler’s vision. This is not a change in our mission, but it is a different way to explain our mission. It simplifies and enables us to see the direction forward. It will help us show others what Chandler is all about. Of course our north – as it has been and always will be – is Jesus! Click here if you would like to learn more about the vision. The staff, Council, Deacons, and SS teachers all had a hand in the document. I am VERY excited about where we are going!!

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