Always Here

Prepare your hearts of worship by Reading Acts 12:1-19.

In the middle of the night, I heard Ezekiel crying out “Daddy!” This does not happen – normally he comes and gets me. So I stumbled out of bed and into his room. Only his covers were pulled back into a pile on the side. So I went to the bathroom, but he wasn’t there either. I called out “Ezekiel”. I ran back to our bathroom. He must have been in my room the whole time. “Ezekiel.” I ran downstairs, “Ezekiel”. Meg was just pulling herself out of bed, but now I was wide awake and growing frantic! I ran back upstairs, “I can’t find him!”

“Because he is in his bed,” as she pulled back the piled covers and there he was scrunched underneath. He was scared and wanted me to lay down. I was just happy to find him.

Prayer is this moment of pause in our frantic life. Where God pulls back the sheet and reveals the truth – God is with us. In God’s presence we find comfort, hope, and peace. We are healed – even in our chaos.

BE Still 3This Sunday is the final in our series “BE Still: Acts of Prayer”. We will dive into Acts 12 and the persecution of the early church. But verse 5 declares, in chaos and fear, “but the church was earnestly praying.” And this brought healing. Even miraculous. Hope you will join us at 10:30.

It is also the last meeting of our 8:40 prayer service. The service always ends soon enough to grab a donut before Sunday School. Each week will include ancient prayers, intercessory prayers, prayed scripture, and communion. You can check out the last couple of week’s program and explanation of the prayers:

Payer Service Cover

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