“Swords are for emergencies… like bears or slugs.” — Ezekiel

Mr E grabs his nerf sword and slides it through the back of his t-shirt. Now he is ready for anything and runs around the house and backyard. His quote explains it all. While I have encountered a lot of slugs (stomp!), I have not seen any bears. I suppose E is the reason!

As Christians to take up the sword is part of our calling. But this call is really nuanced. We are also called to take up our cross? So what is our sword? It is certainly a weapon to strike down enemies. But who are our enemies?

Rather than allow Hollywood to define our sword, the scripture teaches us it is not a steel weapon (Eph 6:17). Our sword is the Spirit that speaks truth into our lives. It allows us to speak truth into others. It is a weapon to strike down our enemy. But our enemy isn’t human. Our enemy is the lies that leads us away from God. Our sword is a tool to bring salvation, not destruction to our neighbor. Saving them from the unseen bears of sin and evil.

Join us this at Chandler Sunday for the final message in our series on Ephesians. This week we cover Ephesians 6 — the Armor of God. Hope to you see in person or online at 10:30.

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