Tree’s Up, Where are the Presents?

The Friday after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas Tree. Decorated and Lights. As always the kids were excited. Especially Ezekiel.

The next morning at 6:30 E was at my bedside waking me, “Dad, there are no presents!”… “uh… huh, what?” (beyond groggy)… “We put the tree up, but there are no presents!”

The little man was in a panic. He normally won’t go downstairs without a friend in the morning — our house is full of roaming marauders — but he had already been downstairs in search of gifts. Only to find none. Santa skipped our house!

So I had to explain it was not yet Christmas, we put the tree up early. Do not worry. The tree is up, we are ready for arrival, but it is not yet.

As followers of Jesus we live in the Now, Not Yet.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. It is in our midst. And yet, as we light the Candle of Peace the world remains without peace.

By faith we live out the Kingdom that is arriving into this world. Knowing that someday the entire world will experience this gift! We are like Christmas Trees. Announcing the presents that will soon be given to the world. Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and the Presence of Christ.

So confident are we in this truth, we order our lives around it. Just as someone spends December knowing Christmas is coming (putting up lights, hosting parties, baking cookies, buying gifts), we live our lives with Jesus as King. Therefore…

  • In a world full of violence. We are peace.
  • In a world divided by rich and poor. We are hope.
  • In a world shouting hate. We are joy.
  • In a world of protection and exclusion. We are love.

The Kingdom is not yet fully realized, but for now we shine the King’s presence. So that where we live, is where the Kingdom’s peace, hope, joy, and love arrive into this world.

Join us this Sunday online at 10:30 or in person with masks as we continue Advent. I also invite you join us in lighting Advent Candles are home. Click Here to download our weekly readings.

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