Composting 2020

Right before Corona closed the world we were in Haiti. Tent Camping in the mountains, helping to build a medical clinic. We took with us a Luggable Loo, a toilet seat that attaches to the top of a five gallon bucket. A popup shower provided privacy. We used biodegradable bags and then carried them to the compost barrel. Soon it will be used to improve the soil…

As 2021 begins we are happy to leave 2020 behind. It was a challenging year, from quarantine to politics, and the “bag”-gage will stay with us. But even from 2020, God can grow new life. So resolve to pray for our new year. Ask that this year we will again embrace each other and that our church will grow in God’s new life!

This week begins a new series: Baggage. The five weeks of January will look at Matthew’s Genealogy leading to Jesus. The genealogy includes five women — a rarity for the patriarchal society. And each woman carried baggage — at least from the Jewish perspective. But their baggage was an essential part of the coming kingdom! This week we look at the story of Tamar — maybe the most startling of all. (Read it in advance — Genesis 38 — because this is a Bible story that is NOT church appropriate! 🙂 )

Join Chandler on Sunday at 10:30. In person with masks or streamed on Facebook or Youtube.

2 thoughts on “Composting 2020

  1. I just read a great book, A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers. It’s about the brave, women of the Bible. They were not perfect but faithful. I would definitely recommend it.

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