The internet can be a terrible place, but it can also be delightful. Take this week’s inauguration and Bernie Sanders. Amidst all immaculately dressed he arrived with a envelope in hand and huge wool mittens. Twitter said it was as though the inauguration was just one of the day’s errands: see Biden/Harris sworn in, drop letters at the post office, pick up milk…

Through this the internet found its true purpose and filled our lives with joy. Mitten Bernie was photoshopped into a hundred different scenes. And the viral silliness promoted an everyday person: Jen Ellis, a second grade teacher from Vermont, who recycles wool sweaters into the gloves.

This Sunday we study the very dark story of David and Bathsheba. The sin of David is an appalling spiral. Overcome by lust, then violently covered up. What happened to the young shepherd writing songs to the Lord? He lost his purpose.

I hope you will join us, 10:30 at Chandler. Mittens are welcome. Masks are required. Or catch us online, streamed on Facebook and Youtube.

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