More Presence

“Dear Lord, please give us lots more presents under the tree.” — Ezekiel

Our Christmas tree is still up. And at some point E realized the tree still had room for presents. So why not ask for more?! He skipped right past me and Meg, even past Santa… straight to God.

It has been a hard year. NPR said tomorrow is the anniversary of the first reported Covid death in the US. Today the death toll has now surpassed 450,000. A year ago this month we celebrated Ash Wednesday – marking foreheads. This year I am pondering if folks are willing to self-mark. Last year at the end of February we left for an amazing time of serving in Haiti. When we landed they checked our temperatures. When we came home the world was turning virtual. Now we barely go anywhere.

This is why our tree is still up. Meg took the ornaments off weeks ago, and she is just waiting for me put it back in the box. But I am dragging my feet. Clinging on to Christmas. Just the reminder, in our troubles, that God came to be with us. To dwell with us.

I am not really interested in more boxes under the tree. But I very much desire to be loved by the One who knows me fully. Whose grace heals. So I join E’s prayer… just for a different kind of presence.

This Sunday join us in person with masks or online at 10:30. I will focus on the God who gives us grace to stand (Romans 14). There is also something else happening on Sunday… Super Bowl — so come in RED. I will have my new Hennething is Possible T-shirt! 🙂

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