My newsfeed included an article on the results of a “World View” poll (YouGov poll, Table 2 “World View”). The question was a study in extremes: Which comes closest to your view?:

  1. Our lives are threatened by terrorists, criminals, and illegal immigrants and our priority should be to protect ourselves.
  2. It’s a big, beautiful world, mostly full of good people, and we must find a way to embrace each other and not allow ourselves to become isolated.

Of course many would probably choose something in between. But the poll forced respondents to reveal which way they lean and the results were interesting: 34% agreed with dystopian #1 — 49% agreed with utopian #2.

As humans there can be logic in either extreme. But as Christians we are not seeking this World’s view. But Heaven’s view. So how would God answer the question?

One side of the poll, #1, is motivated by fear and acts to isolate. Certainly there is darkness in our world, corrupted by sin. In the face of this answer #2 appears naive, pie in the sky…

The other side, #2, is motivated by hope and acts to embrace. Certainly there is light in our world, with beauty and relationships. In the face of this answer #1 appears loveless, lonely…

The temptation, even logic, might have us reject the answers to find middle ground. But still, what is God’s Worldview?

A journey through the Old Testament might seem a walk towards answer #1. Until you consider the Old Testament is really a walk toward the New, when the full revelation of God arrives in Jesus. The incarnation is God living out answer #2. The incarnation is the antonym of isolation. The incarnation rejects protection, going boldly to the cross. God trusts fully that light overcomes the darkness. Resurrection proves this true!

And this is why the most often given command (throughout the Bible) is “Do not fear”. We are not called to live answer #1. Rather than protect ourselves, we must risk ourselves to embrace. It is true that answer #2 WAS once pie in the sky. But NOW God has brought Heaven’s table down and set a place for us. In the darkness the stone was rolled away and resurrection now lights our lives. So, in faith, we live God’s Worldview and “we must find a way to embrace each other and not allow ourselves to become isolated.

Join us at Chandler as we continue the Lent Theme of Resurrection Life. This week we look at Mark’s hanging ending (the original ends at 16:8) and we are challenged to live without fear! Because Jesus rose! Join us at 10:30, in person with masks or streaming online.

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