Replacing what is Broken

The wind shifted this week and began to blow hard out of the south. It would not stop until it had victory! The first picture was my morning heading out, the second on my return. Now what will happen? The city isn’t going to just leave the sign. The sign will be replaced. Again able to serve its purpose.

In other news this week, Beth Moore is leaving the Southern Baptist Convention (read Religious New Service article).“It was not in step with the gospel,” she said. “It felt like we had landed on Mars.” Chandler has already left the SBC1, so this is not a call to join her. But I do want you to stop and notice destructive winds.

How many have been impacted by Beth Moore over the past 30 years? I would wager, especially among women, she has left a deeper and more profound impact than any other Baptist leader. And she continues to be deeply faithful to God. As she leaves, she is accused of being a “liberal”. Though she remains steadfastly conservative in her theology, never considering the role of pastor for herself (though I believe she would make an excellent pastor). The real criticism has little to do with her theology and all to do with her politics.

There is a dangerous wind blowing our country that makes politics tantamount. It creates insiders and outsiders based on party affiliation. It sets our votes alongside of Jesus. But “Jesus and ________” is NOT the gospel. If you are part of church that bends to a party (of either side), then it is time to learn from Beth Moore. Find a church that bends only to Jesus, to Spirit, to God. The Trinity is the only wind that will carry us into the Kingdom. It is a wind that carries all parties into God’s grace!

At Chandler, I am committed – we are committed – to BE a church that seeks Jesus. This is our gospel. Our one purpose. We invite you – if you find yourself at a church bending to politics – to replace what is broken and join us. Join us here at Chandler or in any church that follows our Savior!

This Sunday at Chandler we continue our Lent Theme of Resurrection Life. We look at Luke as Jesus opens our eyes to the Scripture! Service begins at 10:30, in person with masks or streaming online.

  1. Chandler was kicked out of the Missouri Baptist Convention (SBC state convention) over our affiliation with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF, who we are still affiliated). For a time, though removed at the state level, we continued in union with the national convention. But involvement was slowly decreased and ended. Most central was a division in our theology. For instance, we believe Beth Moore would be a splendid pastor. — I would understand if you fired me for her… which makes me doubly thankful for her conservative theology! 😉

2 thoughts on “Replacing what is Broken

    1. Hey Todd, I only read the article… not the comments. Listening to other believers can be discouraging. Those moments all I know to do is pray.

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