Our Shot

Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks — CDC

The CDC, normally so cautious, surprised me with the announcement. Now Chandler’s Covid Response Team is scrambling to figure out the details for our church (for instance, what does this mean for kids? — while we won’t adjust anything this weekend, changes are coming!). But in midst of all the details, there is joy. Finally we see the end of this difficult chapter!

At least, those vaccinated see the end.

For Halloween Meg and I dressed as doctors with huge syringes. The “needle” was a pvc pipe that we dropped candy through into kids bags. It all symbolized the coming vaccine — we knew it would deliver hope. And the shots are proving more effective that I imagined. Yet many continue to be afraid of the vaccine. Afraid of what will save us from this moment.

Of course social media is full of warnings about the vaccine. From the looney: the government will inject trackers into your body (why, when they can just ask Siri or Google!). To the more reasonable: it hasn’t been tested long enough. To simply denying the whole thing: COVID doesn’t exist. But NPR reported that “Just 12 people are behind most vaccine hoaxes.

These twelve use different accounts, platforms, to post lies that are then shared. Spreading a secondary virus. One that frankly may be more damaging that COVID — misinformation is tearing our nation apart.

What amazes me, the very thing that will save us is being rejected. But this is the story of humanity. We crucify our saviors. Praise be to God He is powerful enough to rise again and give us a second chance. Don’t miss this shot!

If you need help making a vaccination appointment or getting to an appointment — PLEASE email or call me!

Join Chandler for worship this Sunday. As I wrote, CRT is about to meet, but we won’t have made decisions by Sunday. Please be patient. But I do hope you will be with us. It is graduation Sunday and I am VERY excited about the message. The Grace of God flows and grows EXPONENTIALLY (Check out Ezekiel 47:1-12, key v1-6). Join us at 10:30 in person, still with masks, or streaming on facebook or youtube.

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