Marks of Kindness

“Where’s my mask?!!” — Ezekiel in carline.

Meg is working full-time. So I am in charge of the morning routine. Opening the curtains, dragging kids out of bed. Begging them to eat. Grabbing their lunch…

“Phoebe took my lunch!” exclaimed Darcy. P was long gone to middle school. So I first told D to eat what Phoebe packed… Darcy gave the right mix of tears and looks of utter disdain, so I was soon helping her repack lunch.

For First Day of School Eve, Ezekiel’s kindergarten teacher gave us a bag of glitter to put under his pillow. We read the instructions and poured it out. The glitter was guaranteed to give bursts of joy and love throughout the days ahead. It worked so well, that E will not let us clean it up. Of course the glitter has spread and now he sleeps in a sparkling bed.

This morning, helping E get dressed, I noticed red glitter on his arm. I pulled it off and there was a pink spot. All over his arms were pink spots. Soon I was scrubbing, and Darcy was giggling, “looks like you have chicken pox” (something my vaccinated kids know nothing about!).

Sitting in carline, E blew his nose. I reached back and wiped a bit he missed. Darcy shouted, “gross!” As I watched in the mirror, E licked his finger and touched D’s leg. “UGH! He wiped boogers on me!” All I could do was laugh.

But then E shouted… I had forgotten masks. I panicked. We would have to pull out of carline and head home. I asked the kids to search their bags, hoping… at bottom of each was a ziplock full of extra masks. Meg was still providing for us.

Just like the glitter, she leaves a mark — a guarantee of joy and love in the days ahead!

This Sunday we continue our series on Re Solve. In the midst of such chaos, the future is hard to see. But we move with God in faith. Knowing He holds our future. This series follows our weekly NT readings — this Sunday we discuss 1Timothy 4. Hope you join us at 10:30, in person with masks or streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

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