With the snow falling on Saturday, Ezekiel was up early. I started the coffee, poured him chocolate milk, and we played legos. Then we heard a bang against the sliding glass door. Ezekiel ran over, but I knew what it was. Normally the birds pop back up a little dazed. This guy was motionless in the snow. Ezekiel was convinced we could help. So I got a towel and brought the bird inside. I will be honest, I expected him to start flying around the living room. But he never twitched.

“I am sorry bud, he died.” E shined his light and announced, “The scientists say…” “What do they say, Bud?” … E was not sure, he just wanted something to bring the bird back to life.

Sometimes miracles happen. Sometimes we are left waiting…

My family has not stopped singing Ecanto. More than once I have begged, “we don’t SING about Bruno!” — to no avail. And the songs are so catchy, to my chagrin, I am soon humming along!

My favorite is Surface Pressure — after all, she “moves churches”! But I have been thinking about Waiting on a Miracle,

I can’t move the mountains / I can’t make the flowers bloom / I can’t take another night up in my room / Waiting on a Miracle

This is how I feel, as the church struggles to find its footing in covid. In some ways we have never been healthier. Everyone gets along. Everyone has ideas and willing hands for service. But then I get the phone calls about covid. We need to cancel an event, we should start masking, another preschool class in quarantine. Soon I start to count the numbers. The people present Sunday. The dollars flowing into our budget…ugh, I hate our mortgage…

When my focus tilts, it is an easy spiral. So much I can not fix. Little that I can control. Head spinning, I miss what I just wrote, “everyone gets along”. In a church?! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

E was sad. But it was snowing. Other birds were gathering at the feeder. So much we can not control. But we could embrace this moment. We got into snow pants and headed outside.

I would heal what’s broken / Show this family something new / Who I am inside, so what can I do? / I’m sick of waiting on a miracle, so here I go…

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