“Do your best to come quickly.” — 2Timothy 4:9

I arrived home after a long day. Church details, a funeral service, a cold graveside. Meg met me in the garage talking about Ezekiel and pumpkin muffins. I had eaten the last one before heading to the office and he was angry. Thankfully Meg had frozen part of the batch and was able to be the hero.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But really it is in the heart of the beholder. I arrived home needing a friend. And the best of friends was there to meet me. There is nothing more beautiful than her. While she talked about muffin victories, I relished the blessing of a friend. Someone willing to journey together.

The world is often cold. Full of difficulty. Paul closes his letter to Timothy by urging Timothy to come and visit. Not once (v9), but twice, “Do your best to get here…” (v21). Paul needs a friend. We all need a friend. Give thanks for the ones you have. And do your best to be a friend to others.

This Sunday join us at Chandler for the conclusion of our Baptist Basics series. We end with communion – our fellowship with God and with each other. We are in person at 10:30 or streaming live on Facebook and Youtube.

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